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Welcome to Abundant Living Counselling Group and Health Services Network

At Abundant Living Counselling we offer bilingual Individual, Couple, Marriage and Family Counselling Services at clinics in Nepean, Vanier, Bell's Corners, Centrepointe, Orleans and the downtown Ottawa area.

We also refer our clients to other experienced and well-qualified Related Health Practitioners in the Ottawa area who we feel could further assist our clients in improving their overall wellbeing and personal health.

We make great efforts to always match our clients with an appropriate counsellor who practices in an area close to your home or work. We also offer flexible appointment hours, including evenings and weekends, because we realize that everyone’s commitments are different and it is not always easy to make time for personal needs during your busy working day.

All of our well-qualified and experienced counsellors are supervised by a registered psychologist so that you will be able to make claims under your individual health insurance plans, where appropriate.

We have both English and French speaking counselors and offer many different types of both private and custom workshop counselling services:


In our Co-therapy sessions two counsellors, one male and one female, work together with a couple to try to resolve the issues that are troubling them.

The normal practice is to meet weekly, one week with both counsellors and the couple together, and the next week in parallel individual sessions between each partner and one counsellor.

We have found that this four-person dynamic has several advantages: there is less sense of marginalization or isolation or of the therapist appearing to side more with one partner, both genders are equally represented, each partner has a chance to be heard both individually and as part of the couple, and one therapist can run the joint sessions letting the other observe more closely body language, facial expressions, etc.

We have had many successful outcomes with our co-therapy sessions. If you would like to know more about this or any other Abundant Counselling Services in Ottawa please call 613-727-4455.

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